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Industrivarer as har også et bredt utvalg i el.zink og galvaniserte skruer fra Arvid Nilsson på Dokka.Og med varer inn døren neste hver dag er vi en tyrgg leveranndør.

The past century
Consider for a moment the past century and its technological progress. It has seen sailing ships, slide-rules, hot-air balloons and iceboxes all superseded by supertankers, computers, space probes and freezers, in a list of changes that goes on and on.

Think about the fasteners that held together nineteenth-century structures and reflect on the difference between them and their counterparts in modern high-tech engineering, where strength, precision, performance and durability have all undergone a parallel development.
And all these fantastic changes have been witnessed by the Arvid Nilsson Group, fastener suppliers, where several member companies boast century-old traditions.

Brief history                                                                               

1893: Arvid Nilsson was born in Skåne, Sweden

1908: Emigrated to Copenhagen and was apprenticed to a merchant

1918: Started his own business in Vesterbro, Copenhagen

1953: The Arvid Nilsson Foundation was founded and became the owner of Arvid Nilsson Ltd.

1980: Purchase of Boskin Ltd. and Opan Ltd.

1986: Purchase of Skandinavisk Boltevarelager


  • Purchase of three large wholesalers in Sweden and Norway
  • Building of central warehouse in Hammelev, Denmark

1995: Sole shareholder in Dokka Fasteners Ltd.

1996: Purchase of Witte Byggteknik Ltd, Gothenburg


  • Purchase of Unibolt Ltd.
  • Building of new surface treatment plant in Hammelev, Denmark
  • Building of new office block and extension of warehouse
  • Arvid Nilsson Boskin, Haderslev moves to Hammelev and the sales departments of Glostrup and Haderslev, Denmark are united in Hammelev
  • Peter Korremann takes over the responsibility as CEO


  • Purchase of Sapro Ltd. on Norway's west coast
  • Sales company established in Shanghai
  • Surface treatment plant sold


  • Arvid Nilsson A/S, Glostrup moves to Hvidovre
  • Unibolt A/S sold to Gesipa GmbH, Frankfurt
  • Arvid Nilsson Norway's warehouse is moved to Arvid Nilsson Sweden's premises


  • The Arvid Nilsson Group's central warehouse is moved to Sweden. The Group's warehouse- and logistic functions are now united in the company AN-Logistics in Kungälv
  • Witte Byggteknik's manufacturing operation is moved to Dokka Fasteners' in Norway and the sales and purchasing departments are moved to Arvid Nilsson Sweden's premises

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